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Geron is the leading biotechnology company focused on human aging. Its mission is to develop novel therapeutics for the many manifestations of aging through breakthroughs in the basic genetic mechanism of cell aging and immortalization. The Company's technology is largely centered around the genetic clock of cell aging - the telomere, and the key that is believed to rewind the clock of cell aging - telomerase. The Company's proprietary technology platform has many applications in medicine from age-related diseases to cancer.


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MitoKor (formerly Applied Genetics) is a pharmacogenomics company originally founded to discover genetic links to late onset degenerative diseases. The Company is presently focused on exploring the therapeutic and diagnostic utility of associations between mitochondrial DNA defects and Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and non-insulin dependent diabetes (NIDDM). Proprietary cybrid cell lines allow the study of potential new therapies "in vivo" under conditions that model the disease phenotype. To date, several lead chemical series have been uncovered as potential drug leads, in high-throughput assays. Diagnostic assays have been utilized in late stage clinical trials supporting multiple anti-dementia drugs in clinical development. MitoKor is continuing its research into the fundamental mechanisms of multiple diseases with clear mitochondrial involvement, and is seeking a limited number of corporate collaborations in order to fully develop and commercialize therapeutic and diagnostic products.



Genox is a biotechnological company dedicated to the development and application of non-invasive human Oxidative Stress Profiling techniques. These applications include: Sports Medicine, Medical Diagnostics, Basic Scientific Research, Natural Foods & Agricultural Produce, Nutrition & Diet Evaluation, Preventive Medical Strategies, Epidemiological Studies, Risk Assessment of Accelerated Aging and Individual Optimization of Healthspan.


AGENE Research Institute Co., Ltd. (AGENE) is focusing on research of individual aging and cellular aging. First we are investigating the cloning and the functions of Werner's syndrome genes and regulatory genes in cell proliferation. Because these approaches will give the answers about the mechanism directing diseases resulting from aging. For example, aging specific diseases such as cataract, scleroderma, osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis are known to be rapidly induced in Werner's syndrome. Second we are going to develop screening system of therapeutic drugs by some progeria animals developed by us and the assay system of aging genes expression, which will contribute the development for new therapeutics against aging associated diseases.


A growing body of research indicates that aging-associated diseases are genetically "triggered" and have underlying mechanisms in common. The discovery of such common pathways may provide targets for the development of drugs to treat one or more of the diseases of aging. These diseases include cancer, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis, and neurological diseases. The discovery of aging-related genes may lead to the development of novel and effective drugs and cosmetic products representing multimillion-dollar markets. LifeSpan's gene discovery technology is aimed at identifying disease-associated genes for use as therapeutic or diagnostic targets. The technology is designed to determine gene expression, localization and function, and to provide information to identify the best potential drug targets. Because LifeSpan's technology is highly flexible, it can be applied to solve a partner's particular problems within a specific disease area of interest, an approach best described as "customized genomics." Besides finding new disease-associated genes and drug targets, LifeSpan's technology can find new cell surface cancer markers and novel secreted diagnostic and therapeutic proteins.

MRX Biosciences

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MRX Biosciences, Inc. was incorporated in 1994 (Delaware) and became the first bioscience company devoted exclusively to the postponement of human aging. It has established a mouse breeding laboratory in Truro, Nova Scotia in association with the Nova Scotia Agricultural College (NSAC) and is in the process of developing an incubator lab in Montreal for further research with Drosophila and nematodes. All of Dr Michael Rose's postponed aging fruit flies will be moved from UCI to this new location, as they are now the property of MRX. Its Scientific Advisory Board is chaired by Dr. Caleb Finch of USC. Its members include Dr. Thomas Johnson of the University of Colorado, Dr. Michael Rose of UCI, Dr. George Martin of the University of Washington, Dr. Judes Poirier of McGill University and Dr. Parvis Sabour, director of the Canadian Government's Animal Research Center in Ottawa.

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