Here are all of the current node pages:

respiratory system
artery of cerebral hemorrhage
long thoracic nerve
interarticular sternocostal ligament
t4 (4th thoracic nerve, fourth thoracic nerve)
internal elastic membrane
primary visual cortex
membranous urethra
superior constrictor
deep iliac circumflex artery
anterior digastric belly
merocrine sweat gland (eccrine sweat gland)
serous layer
frontal artery
posterior coronary plexus (left coronary plexus)
muscle spindle
periaqueductal gray (periaqueductal grey, periaqueductal gray matter, periaqueductal grey matter)
internal carotid artery
accessory nucleus
right lateral atlantooccipital ligament (right lateral atlanto-occipital ligament)
medial vestibular nucleus
ulnar vein
third common digital nerve (3rd common digital nerve)
left alar ligament
muscularis mucosae
visceral layer (epicardium)
nutrient artery of the fibula
inferior laryngeal artery
internal carotid plexus
parahippocampal gyrus
hyoglossus muscle
superior sternopericardiac ligament
ischiofemoral ligament
stratum zonale (zonular layer)
posterior interventricular branch
maxillary nerve
external obturator
left bronchial vein
reflected inguinal ligament (colles ligament)
vertical cricothyroid muscle
twelth thoracic vertebra (12th thoracic vertebra, t12)
cervical cardiac branches
alar part
respiratory bronchiole
nerves to liver
perforating cutaneous nerve
second proximal volar intercarpal ligament (second proximal palmar intercarpal ligament)
vocal ligament
abductor pollicis longus
fourth ventricle
lateral head
vertical portion
nerve to ischiocavernosus
subscapular bursa
nasociliary nerve (nasal nerve)
facial vein
inferior olivary nucleus
thoracic cardiac branches
scapula (shoulder blade)
iliolumbar ligament
middle supraclavicular nerves
left parietal lobe
nerve to semitendinosus
inferior meatus
testicular vein
anterior auricular nerves
corpus cavernosa
anterior deep temporal branch
circulus tonsilaris
middle nasal conchus (middle turbinate)
lateral stratum (cutaneous stratum)
first dorsal cuneonavicular ligament
superior vesicle artery
secondary ending (flower spray ending)
gluteal muscles
respiratory center (respiratory centre)
lesser pancreatic arteries
second distal dorsal intercarpal ligament
hepatic plexus
internal spermatic artery
lateral plantar artery (external plantar artery)
circular layer
sacrospinalis muscles
descending palatine artery
middle fasciculi
ovarian plexus
annular ligament
popliteal bursa
mucous gland
posterior pituitary (neurohypophysis)
posterior spinal artery (dorsal spinal artery)
tubuloalveolar gland
intervertebral disc
tertiary bronchi (segmental bronchi)
hypodermis (subcutaneous layer, sc layer, superficial fascia)
medial patellar retinacula
lateral terminal branch (tarsal branch)
trachea (windpipe)
midcarpal joint
thyroid follicle
thoracic aorta
adductor longus
ureteral adventitia
superior gluteal nerve
cardiovascular system (circulatory system)
lateral mammillary nucleus
facial artery (external maxillary artery)
straight sinus
atlantooccipital joint (atlanto-occipital joint)
subcostals (infracostals)
lateral dorsal cutaneous nerve
inferior cervical ganglion
right umbilical ligament
glenoid ligaments of cruveilhier (vaginal ligaments)
lateral femoral circumflex artery
third dorsal intercuneiform ligament
laryngopharynx (hypopharynx)
intermetatarsal joints
trochlear nerve (n iv, cn iv)
respiratory submucosa
lumbosacral trunk
second plantar metatarsal artery (2nd plantar metatarsal artery)
artery of the flexor digitorum brevis
ciliary ganglion
lymphatic system
cerebellar nuclei
second upper premolar (2nd upper premolar)
vascular channels (helicine arteries)
lingual branch
musculophrenic artery
inferior rectus
gastroduodenal artery
nerve to levator labii superioris
proper deep digital veins
posterior inferior nasal branches
palmar radiocarpal ligament
posterior palatine nerve
left intestinal trunk
opponens pollicis
dorsal radiocarpal ligament
distal interphalangeal joints (dip joints)
right cerebellar hemisphere
spongy bone (cancellous bone, spongy tissue, cancellous tissue)
nerves to ovary
nerve to the sternothyroideus
olivospinal tract (olivospinal fasciculus)
sphenoparietal sinus
temporal branches
basilar plexus
deep femoral artery (profunda femoris artery)
hepatic branches
pectoral (pectoral girdle, shoulder girdle)
labial frenulum
superficial superior gluteal artery
musculocutaneous nerve
ductus deferens (vas deferens)
nasal bone
soft keratin
lateral white column (lateral white fasciculus)
nerves to testis
mesentery proper
superficial inguinal lymph node
external iliac artery
parietal layer
middle temporal artery
superior carotid nerve
filum terminale externum
ganglion nodosum (ganglion of the trunk)
parotid lymph node
arytenoid cartilage
occipital artery
mandibular lymph node
first dorsal metacarpal artery
right deep cardiac plexus
apocrine sweat gland (axillary sweat gland)
common volar digital arteries (palmar digital arteries)
first lower molar (1st lower molar)
anterior tibiotalar ligament
medial cuneiform
semilunar branches
nucleus basalis
nerve to the fourth lumbricalis (nerve to the 4th lumbricalis)
erectile coat
anterior intertransversarii
primary gustatory cortex
rete ovarii
corpus luteum
gnostic area (common integrative area)
lingual frenulum (small girdle, frenulum linguae, frenulum of tongue, vinculum linguae)
radiate ligament (stellate ligament, anterior costovertebral ligament)
hypoglossal nerve (n xii, cn xii)
nerve to flexor digitalis longus
immune system
ligament of the tubercle of the rib
c2 (2nd cervical nerve, second cervical nerve)
longus colli
lateral reticulospinal tract (lateral reticulospinal fasciculus)
plantar accessory ligaments
ascending loop of henle
white rami communicantes
longissimus thoracis
conoid ligament
urogenital diaphragm
semicircular ducts (membranous semicircular canal)
male urethra (urethra virilis)
medial superior genicular artery
left hepatic duct
medial intermuscular septum
ampullary nerve
serous gland
pancreatic veins
first dorsal intercuneiform ligament
thyrohyoid nerve branch
posterior costotransverse ligament
sacral splanchnic nerves
anterior cerebral artery
middle cervical ganglion
tubular capsule
accessory obturator nerve
excretory lacrimal duct
carotid body
upper respiratory
pars nervosa
artery of the adductores
accessory glands
crown of the tooth
tensor tympani muscle
upper cuspid (upper canine)
cranial portion of accessory nerve (medullary portion of accessory nerve)
submandibular salivary gland
serosa layer (perimetrium)
vaginal muscularis
thoracic vertebrae
lateral cricoarytenoid
thymic capsule
stratum basalis
nasal epithelium (olfactory epithelium)
superficial epigastric artery
anterior phrenic lymph node
testis (testes, testicle, testicles)
superior root of the ansa cervicalis
right hepatic duct
l4 (4th lumbar nerve, fourth lumbar nerve, nervus furcalis)
radialis indicis artery
bulbourethral gland (cowpers gland)
superior division of oculomotor nerve
lateral tuberal nucleus
deltoid ligament (medial ligament)
dentate gyrus
superior cervical ganglion
neck of the tooth
alveolar sacs
septomarginal band (moderator band)
right colic artery
zygomatic bone
nerve to sternocleidomastoid
anterior coronary plexus
accessory hemiazygos
internal anal sphincter
great cardiac vein
cervical muscles
pericardiacophrenic artery
articular capsule of the knee
acromial branch
spinal portion of accessory nerve
stratum germinativum (stratum basale)
anterior uterine ligament
artery of the urethral bulb (bulbo-urethral artery, bulbourethral artery)
radial artery
anterior tibial vein
inferior oblique
dorsal intercarpal ligaments (posterior intercarpal ligaments)
articular disc of the knee
axillary lymph nodes
pancreatic islets (islets of langerhans)
levator palpibrae superioris
epiploic appendages (fatty appendices of the colon)
thoracodorsal nerve
nerve to external anal sphincter
lens epithelium
lateral phrenic artery
infrapatellar fat pad
segmental veins
corrugator supercilii (corrugator)
incisor dental branches
external oblique
semispinalis muscles
anterior tibial recurrent artery
seventh thoracic vertebra (7th thoracic vertebra, t7)
sternohyoideus (sternohyoid)
masseteric nerve
erector spinae (spinal extensors)
musculus uvulae
middle coat (muscular layer)
inferior transverse ligament
mammary lobule (lactiferous lobule)
subcostal arteries
iliohypogastric nerve
hair follicle
median nerve
anterior gray commissure (anterior grey commissure)
superior meatus
right ventricle
right jugular trunk
epiglottic cartilage
upper central incisor
inferior suprarenal branches
tracheobronchial lymph nodes
respiratory lamina propria
lesser splanchnic nerve
salivary amylase
ileocolic lymph nodes
radiate stratum
superficial external pudendal artery (superficial external pudic artery)
mammary lobe (lactiferous lobe)
dorsal talonavicular ligament (superior astragalonavicular ligament)
superior vestibular nucleus
extensor digitorum longus
visual system
fourth thoracic vertebra (4th thoracic vertebra, t4)
nerve to first lumbricalis (nerve to 1st lumbricalis)
lymph node trabeculae (lymphatic trabeculae)
right gastroepiploic artery
hard palate
external nasal branch
buccinator artery
nerve to vastus intermedius
inferior rectal artery (inferior hemorrhoidal artery, inferior haemorrhoidal artery)
apneustic area
hepatic artery branch
tonsillar branch
right pulmonary artery
cuboideonavicular interosseus ligament
internal urethral sphincter (sphincter vesicae)
nasal branch
lateral talocalcanean ligament
hilus veins
descending loop of henle
sympathetic trunk (vertebral chain)
medial dorsal hallucis nerve
sternal branches
superior laryngeal nerve
medial meniscus (internal semilunar fibrocartilage)
plantar calcaneocuboid ligament (short plantar ligament, short calcaneocuboid ligament)
suprachiasmatic nucleus
anterior spinocerebellar tract (ventral spinocerebellar tract, anterior spinocerebellar fasciculus, ventral spinocerebellar fasciculus)
hair papilla
oculomotor nerve (n iii, cn iii)
first lumbar vertebra (1st lumbar vertebra, l1)
external pterygoid nerve
sacral lymph nodes
external iliac lymph nodes
palmaris longus
hippocampus (hippocampal)
zygomatic branches (malar branches)
annulus fibrosus
circumvallate papillae
brachial plexus
anterior caecal artery (anterior cecal artery)
peroneal artery
alveolar ducts
interatrial septum
volar metacarpal ligaments (palmar metacarpal ligaments)
pars tuberalis
second plantar cuneonavicular ligament
nerve to superior belly of omohyoideus
first dorsal metatarsal artery (1st dorsal metatarsal artery, dorsal hallucis artery)
spinalis thoracis
deep infrapatellar bursa
spinalis cervicis
collateral intercostal branch
left insula
cerebral peduncles (cerebral peduncle)
vastus intermedius
arachnoid villi
artery of the hip joint
cerebellar cortex
greater superficial petrosal nerve (large superficial petrosal nerve)
surface epithelium
dorsal radioulnar ligament
flexor digitorum profundus
vesicle branch
superficial petrosal branch
nerve to gastrocnemius
brachial vein
intermediate tendon of digastric
internal cutaneous nerve (medial cutaneous nerve)
pineal gland (pineal body)
third plantar metatarsal artery (3rd plantar metatarsal artery)
visceral pleura
depressor labii inferioris
bronchial cartilage plates
nucleus gracilis
posterior auricular nerve
vestibulocochlear nerve (n viii, cn viii, acoustic nerve)
nerves to spleen
nerve to dilatator naris posterior
internal capsule
medial inferior genicular artery
t10 (10th thoracic nerve, tenth thoracic nerve)
seminiferous tubule
vascular tunica intima
lateral intertransversarii
olfactory nerve (n i, cn i)
right intercostal veins
medial plantar vein
articular disk (articular disc, meniscus)
nerve to obturator internus and gemellus superior
oblique arytenoid
labia majora
descending occipital artery
posterior cerebellar lobe (posterior lobe of the cerebellum)
right lumbar trunk
artery of the biceps brachii
lymph node medulla (lymphatic medulla)
round uterine ligament
tubuli recti
right subclavian trunk
arterial wall
occipital lymph node
adductor brevis
transverse arytenoid
costocentral joints
sural arteries (inferior muscular arteries)
vestibular nerve branch
parotid duct (stensens duct)
superior sagittal sinus (superior longitudinal sinus)
circulus arteriosus major
esophageal veins (oesophageal veins)
temporomandibular ligament
vastus medialis
nerve to peronei longus
gingival sulcus
tympanic nerve (nerve of jacobson)
tunica albuginea
quadratus lumborum
longissimus muscles
lower extremities
coracohumeral ligament
cervical vertebra 2 (axis, second cervical vertebra, 2nd cervical vertebra, c2)
deep inguinal lymph node
internal oblique
highest intercostal artery
false ribs
superior muscular branch
superior hemorrhoidal plexus (superior haemorrhoidal plexus)
inferior carotid nerve
mylohyoideus (mylohyoid)
pubofemoral ligament
subscapular artery
caroticotympanic branch
retina (nervous ocular tunic)
left atrium
costal cartilage
deep peroneal nerve
medial cusp (septal cusp)
thymic lobe
flexor digitorum brevis
spinal cord (medulla spinalis)
thymic lobule
flexor hallucis longus
lacrimal caruncle
lateral gray horn (lateral grey horn, intermediate horn)
colony forming unit granulocyte erythrocyte monocyte macrophage (cfu-gemm)
patellar plexus
inferior division of oculomotor nerve
palmaris brevis
saphenous nerve (interneal saphenous nerve, long saphenous nerve)
humeral nutrient artery
anterior intercavernous sinus
ventral lateral nucleus
quadriceps femoris (quadriceps extensor)
temporal bone
female urethra (urethra muliebris)
posterior cord
posterior pulmonary plexus
female reproductive system
vagus nerve (n x, cn x)
muscular coat (muscular tunic)
primary olfactory area
tarsus (ankle)
superior lateral sacral artery
submucosal plexus (plexus of meissner)
arcuate veins
zygomatic head
occipital bone
uterosacral ligament
interpubic fibrocartilage (pubic symphysis)
sublingual artery
left cardinal vein
orbital portion
nerve to the geniohyoideus
superior laryngeal artery
thymic corpuscle (hassalls corpuscle)
left common carotid artery
celiac ganglion
transverse humeral ligament
levatores costarum brevis
right lateral ventricle
artery of the obturator internus
right pulmonary vein
lateral ligament
aortic semilunar valve
ligament of cooper
jugular nerve
inferior nasal concha (turbinate bone)
interventricular septum
thin descending loop of henle
lateral rectus
superior mesenteric vein
triceps brachii (triceps)
palatoglossal arch (anterior pillar)
stratum corneum
medial stratum (mucous stratum)
superior phrenic arteries
inferior labial artery
commissural fibers (commissural fibres)
nerve to peronei brevis
nerve to second metatarsophalangeal joint (nerve to 2nd metatarsophalangeal joint)
central lymph node (intermediate lymph node)
medial lemniscus
zona glomerulosa
malleus (hammer)
tertiary follicle (mature graafian follicle)
axillary fascia (suspensory ligament of the axilla)
lacrimal part
artery of the masseter
subcoracoid bursa
posterior tibial artery
anterior triangle (urogenital triangle)
upper esophageal sphincter (upper oesophageal sphincter)
interspinous ligaments
medial dorsal nerve of the second toe (medial dorsal nerve of the 2nd toe)
superior ligament of the incus
extensor pollicis longus
sphenopalatine branches
anterior gray horn (ventral grey horn, anterior grey horn, ventral gray horn)
inferior thyroid artery
submandibular duct (whartons duct)
left lateral ventricle
arrector pili
medulla oblongata (spinal bulb)
pisometacarpal ligament
ovary (ovaries)
interosseous metatarsal ligaments
bulbospongiosus (bulbocavernosus)
dorsal nerve of clitoris
external nasal branches
posterior obturator artery
anterior deep temporal nerve
paranasal sinus
appendicular artery
distal convoluted tubule
lateral femoral cutaneous nerve
psoas major
parotid branches
sphenopalatine ganglion (ganglion of meckel)
cerebellar hemispheres
anterior ulnar carpal artery (volar carpal branch)
peyers patches (aggregated lymphatic follicles)
lentiform nucleus
trachealis muscle (trachealis)
lumbosacaral trunk
flexor digitorum superficialis
radiate sternocostal ligaments
small intestine
c1 (1st cervical nerve, first cervical nerve, suboccipital nerve)
medulla of hair
t3 (3rd thoracic nerve, third thoracic nerve)
pneumotaxic area
cardiac centre (cardiac center)
superior mesenteric plexus
middle antero-medial ganglionic branches
hemiazygos vein
abductor digiti minimi
quadrate ligament
third upper molar (3rd upper molar)
posterior ulnar recurrent artery
third distal dorsal intercapral ligament
cochlear duct (scala media, membranous cochlea)
intra-articular ligaments of the knee
proper digital nerve to the third toe (proper digital nerve to the 3rd toe)
cystic vein
nerve to long head of biceps femoris
inferior fasciculi
sebaceous ciliary gland (gland of zeis)
lingual gland
fasciculus gracilis (tract of goll)
epicranius frontalis (frontalis)
superior cerebellar peduncle
inferior gastric plexus
t12 (12th thoracic nerve, twelth thoracic nerve)
superficial temporal artery
sural nerve (short saphenous nerve)
median cubital vein
deep palmar arch
splenic capsule
adductor magnus
circulus arteriosus minor
cardiac ganglion of wrisberg
medial brachial cutaneous nerve
lingual artery
s1 (1st sacral nerve, first sacral nerve)
c6 (6th cervical nerve, sixth cervical nerve)
lateral spinothalamic tract (lateral spinothalamic fasciculus)
long plantar ligament (superficial long plantar ligament, long calcaneocuboid ligament)
lateral pectoral nerve
dorsal metatarsal ligaments
great pancreatic artery
duodenal papilla
mylohyoid branch
pectoral lymph node (anterior lymph node)
plantar arch
pharyngeal nerve (pterygopalatine nerve)
posterior bony semicircular canal
inner longitudinal muscles
sphenoidal fontanelle
tibial nerve (internal popliteal nerve)
first lower premolar (1st lower premolar)
inferior phrenic artery
interosseus membrane
second dorsal cuneonavicular ligament
posterior triangle (anal triangle, pelvic diaphragm)
ansa subclavia
upper extremities
left jugular trunk
ethmoid bone
bicuspids (premolars)
muscular branches
perforating branches
artery of the abductor hallucis
cystic duct
renal pyramids (medullary pyramids)
arcuate nucleus
pars distalis
nerve to vastus medialis
ventricular ligament
pharyngeal constrictors
longitudinal fasciculi
temporal vein
coronary sinus
t1 (1st thoracic nerve, first thoracic nerve, first intercostal nerve, 1st intercostal nerve)
esophagus (oesophagus)
inferior alveolar artery
circular iris muscles (constrictor pupillae muscles)
dorsal carpal branch (posterior radial carpal artery)
sixth cervical vertebra (6th cervical vertebra, c6)
central retinal artery
extensor digitorum
intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerve
c3 (3rd cervical nerve, third cervical nerve)
tibialis posterior
medial posterior scrotal nerve branch
cingulate gyrus
vaginal artery
rete testis
gluteus maximus
marginal branch
dorsal nerve of penis
spiral ligament
fundiform ligament
extrinsic tongue muscles
hepatic lymph nodes
left colic artery
shoulder joint (humeroscapular joint, glenohumeral joint)
internal root sheath
anterior pituitary (adenohypophysis)
depressor anguili oris
posterior medial malleolar artery (internal malleolar artery)
trigeminal nerve (trifacial nerve, n v, cn v)
stylomastoid artery
esophageal nerve branches (oesophageal nerve branches)
artery of the longissimus capitis
anterior supraclavicular nerves (suprasternal nerves)
second common digital nerve (2nd common digital nerve)
intercostal veins
central tendon
detrusor muscle
inferior nasal conchus (inferior turbinate)
posterior semicircular canal
middle hemorrhoidal plexus (middle haemorrhoidal plexus)
tendon of triceps brachii
dorsal metacarpal veins
corticospinal fibers (corticospinal fibres)
teres major
zygomaticofacial branch
longitudinal muscles
intercostal branches
skeletal system
upper lateral incisor
auricular nerve branch
tracheal branches
sudoriferous gland
epiglottic ligaments
artery of the peronei
anterior choroidal artery (choroid artery)
superior colliculi (superior colliculus)
right parietal lobe
tracheal lymph node
articular cartilage
medial phrenic artery
stylohyoid ligament
basilar artery
deep transverse perineus
spermatic cord
nerves to small intestine
fourth dorsal metatarsal artery (4th dorsal metatarsal artery)
stratum spinosum
middle sacral artery
lingual nerve
vestibulospinal tract (vestibulospinal fasciculus)
somatosensory cortex (primary somesthetic area, general sensory area)
male reproductive system
omohyoideus (omohyoid)
greater omentum
muscle fascicle
artery of the gracilis
fibular collateral ligament (lateral collateral ligament, external lateral ligament, long external lateral ligament)
tubero-hypophyseal tract
posterior ramus
frontal nerve
tectorial membrane
lateral geniculate nucleus
posterior supraclavicular nerves (supra-acromial nerves)
fibrous capsule
stapedius muscle
apical foramen
patellar ligament (anterior ligament)
tactile sensory system
transverse cervical artery
rhomboid (rhomboideus)
infraorbital artery
longitudinal layer
median antebrachial vein
splenic cord (billroths cord)
pancreatic capsule
clavicle (collar bone)
superior acromioclavicular ligament
spongy urethra
bronchial vein
flexor hallucis brevis
orbicularis oculi (orbicularis palpebrarum)
pharyngeal branches
brain stem
internal carotid nerve
lamina propria
lens capsule
myometrium layer (middle layer)
tibialis anterior
messeteric artery
nucleus cuneatus
urethral artery
genitofemoral nerve (genitocrural nerve)
superior mesenteric lymph nodes
root of the tooth
volar intercarpal ligaments (anterior intercarpal ligaments, palmar intercarpal ligaments)
nerve to the hyoglossus
dorsal nucleus (column of clarke)
cervical vertebra 1 (atlas, first cervical vertebra, 1st cervical vertebra, c1)
levator palpebrae superioris
submental lymph node
anterior humeral circumflex artery
anterior cerebellar lobe (anterior lobe of the cerebellum)
clavicular head
superior ganglion
c4 (4th cervical nerve, fourth cervical nerve)
parathyroid glands
ascending colon
canine dental branches
adrenal cortex
common hepatic artery
middle palatine nerve
capillaries (capillary)
anterior costotransverse ligament
great saphenous vein
preoptic nucleus (medial preoptic nucleus)
deep buccal branches
femoral artery
inferior colliculi (inferior colliculus)
esophageal arteries (oesophageal arteries)
mammillary bodies
pubic branch
superior labial branches
rectal columns
splenius capitis
jugular ganglion (ganglion of the root)
ciliary process
posterior intertransversarii
sixth thoracic vertebra (6th thoracic vertebra, t6)
grey rami communicantes
superior oblique
posterior lateral nasal branches
lateral collateral metatersophalangeal ligaments
tympanic membrane
male endocrine system
lacrimal bone
orthochromaticphilic erythroblast
bile ductule
secondary follicle
middle ear (tympanic cavity)
internal auditory vein
ovarian follicle
celiac plexus (solar plexus)
nerve to tibialis posterior
lamina densa
ascending palatine artery
posterior white column (dorsal white column)
phrenic vein
posterior ethmoidal artery
left colic vein
middle costotransverse ligament (ligament of the neck of the rib)
eyelash (eyelashes)
nerve to the third lumbricalis (nerve to the 3rd lumbricalis)
antero-medial arteries (anteromedial arteries)
otic ganglion
terminal bronchioles
adrenal capsule
superior thoracic artery (highest thoracic artery)
tibionavicular ligament
lacrimal canal
ophthalmic nerve
anterior spinothalamic tract (ventral spinothalamic tract, anterior spinothalamic fasciculus, ventral spinothalamic fasciculus)
thyrocervical trunk
gastroepiploic vein
sutural bones
segmental branches
fifth lumbar vertebra (5th lumbar vertebra, l5)
right insula
anterior meningeal branch
inferior alveolar nerve (inferior dental nerve)
chordae tendinae
dartos (dartos tunic, tunica dartos, dartos muscle)
intermediate cuneiform
volar interphalangeal ligament
inferior mesenteric ganglion
muscularis (muscularis externa)
hyoepiglottic ligament
pampiniform plexus
medial collateral metatarsophalangeal ligaments
prevertebral branches
somatosensory association area (somesthetic association area)
parotid salivary gland (parotid gland)
lingual lipase
stromal layer
artery of the coracobrachialis
longissimus capitis
corpuscle of touch (tactile corpuscle, meisssners corpuscle)
medial calcaneal artery
opponens digiti minimi
lacunar ligament (gimbernats ligament)
vastus lateralis
ansa hypoglossi
first proximal dorsal intercarpal ligament
orbicularis oris
vertebra prominens (seventh cervical vertebra, 7th cervical vertebra, c7)
zona fasciculata
nerve to the vagina
volar radioulnar ligament
cochlear nerve branch
nerve to corrugator
deep petrosal nerve (large deep petrosal nerve)
type ia fiber (type ia fibre)
cavernous sinus
flexor pollicis longus
lacrimal nerve
skeletal muscle
second plantar intercuneiform ligament
suprahyoid aponeurosis
cauda equina
artery of the obturator externus
superior deep gluteal artery
interventricular foramen (foramen of monro)
artery of the inferior pharyngeal constrictor
lateral inferior genicular artery
anterior atlantooccipital membrane (anterior atlanto-occipital membrane)
pancreaticohepatic sphincter (sphincter of oddi, sphincter of the hepatopancreatic ampulla)
supraorbital artery
ulnar artery
subsartorial plexus
buccal gland
gastrosplenic ligament
lymph node stroma (lymphatic stroma)
anterior temporal vein
lesser occipital nerve (smaller occipital nerve, small occipital nerve)
supraorbital vein
rhomboid minor
ceruminous gland
uterine plexus
t9 (9th thoracic nerve, ninth thoracic nerve)
l3 (3rd lumbar nerve, third lumbar nerve)
medial femoral circumflex artery
lingual tonsils
nerves to stomach
sphenomandibular ligament
ascending lumbar veins
suprapatellar bursa (quadriceps bursa)
thoracic muscles
popliteal vein
facial nerve (n vii, cn vii)
external striate
t8 (8th thoracic nerve, eigth thoracic nerve)
spinal branch
posterior longitudinal ligament
chorda tympani nerve
membranous labyrinth
mammary alveolus
ansa cervicalis
nerves to pancreas
right bronchomediastinal trunk
cerebral cortex
internal nasal branches
fourth lumbar vertebra (4th lumbar vertebra, l4)
posterior humeral circumflex artery
anterior ciliary arteries
dorsal nerve of fourth and fifth toes (dorsal nerve of 4th and 5th toes)
semispinalis thoracis
extensor carpi radialis longus
ilioinguinal nerve
third dorsal metatarsal artery (3rd dorsal metatarsal artery)
cephalic vein
popliteal lymph node
anterior spinal artery (ventral spinal artery)
auricle (pinna)
superior transverse ligament
zygomaticus major
anterior lateral malleolar artery (external malleolar artery)
radial iris muscles (dilator pupillae muscles)
palatoglossus muscle
nerve to depressor septi
tonsillar branches
incus (anvil)
internal pterygoid nerve
anterior tympanic artery
ascending parietal artery
lateral meniscus (external semilunar fibrocartilage)
depressor anguli oris (triangularis)
extensor hallucis longus
transverse ligament of the acetabulum
external ear (outer ear)
prepuce (foreskin)
external coat (alveolar layer)
bronchial lymph node
inferior cerebellar peduncle
posterior mediastinal lymph nodes
pericardial arteries
respiratory epithelium
nerves to right ventricle
iliocostalis lumborum
bile capillaries (canaliculi)
connective tissue sheath
highest genicular artery
left pulmonary artery
mandibular joint (temporomandibular joint)
extensor indicis
medial talocalcanean ligament
sternum (breastbone)
oral labia (lips)
mediastinal arteries
infraorbital lymph node
lumbar lymph nodes
tuberculum acusticum
artery of the stylohyoid
nerve to extensor digitorum longus
polychromatic erythroblast
interlobular veins
anterior superior alveolar branch (anterior superior dental branch)
artery of the piriformis
first thoracic vertebra (1st thoracic vertebra, t1)
proximal radioulnar joint
middle meningeal nerve
middle rectal artery (middle hemorrhoidal artery, middle haemorrhoidal artery)
pituitary stalk
parietal pleura
nasofrontal vein
vascular tunica media
lateral corticospinal tract (lateral corticospinal fasciculus)
primary follicle
perionychium (peronychial edge)
prostate gland (prostate)
anterior nucleus
taste bud
submental artery
caroticotympanic nerve
association fibers (association fibres)
lateral dorsal hallucis nerve
cortex of hair
middle colic artery
adductor hallucis
subclavicular lymph node (apical lymph node)
left articular capsule
inferior deep gluteal artery
thoracic duct (left lymphatic duct)
medial plantar artery (internal planter artery)
superior chambers (atria)
sigmoid sinus
choroid plexus
liver lobules
excretory system (urinary system)
molar dental branches
plantar cuboideonavicular ligament
ventral anterior nucleus
common iliac artery
primary gustatory area
arachnoid trabeculae
gastrocnemius bursa
nerve to mentalis
dental artery
meningeal nerve branches (dural nerve branches)
nerves to the tarsal joints
uterus (womb)
medial geniculate nucleus
corpus striatum
palpebral conjunctiva
infratrochlear nerve
amyloid body
perineal artery
auditory system
right frontal lobe
posterior uterine ligament
deep external pudendal artery (deep external pudic artery)
ligamentum nuchae
medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve
carpus (wrist)
juxtaglomerular appartus
pharyngeal branch
superior rectal vein
internal jugular vein
lower subscapular nerve
cecum (caecum)
nerve to uterine tube (nerve to fallopian tube, nerve to oviduct)
lens fibers (lens fibres)
nerve to second interosseus dorsalis (nerve to 2nd interosseus dorsalis)
seminal vesicle
nerve fascicle (nerve fasciculus, nerve bundle)
transverse scapular artery
nerve of rectus superior
hematopoietic system (hemopoietic system)
teres minor
caudate nucleus
t5 (5th thoracic nerve, fifth thoracic nerve)
nerve to the inferior belly of the omohyoideus
superior rectal artery (superior hemorrhoidal artery, superior haemorrhoidal artery)
buccal lymph node
sigmoid arteries
sternocleidomastoid branch
circumflex branch
superficial iliac circumflex artery
anterior scalene
anterior commissure
flexor carpi ulnaris
hepatic portal vein
posterior bronchial branches (posterior pulmonary branches, dorsal pulmonary branches)
s4 (4th sacral nerve, fourth sacral nerve)
common interosseus artery
left atrioventricular valve (left av valve, bicuspid valve, mitral valve)
intermediate stratum (fibrous stratum)
third plantar intercuneiform ligament
posterior cricothyroid muscle
left temporal lobe
arcuate artery (metatarsal artery)
inferior mesenteric plexus
esophageal branch (oesophageal branch)
collecting tubule (collecting duct)
uterine tube (fallopian tube, oviduct)
intercrural fibers (intercrural fibres)
prostatic stroma
membrana tectoria (occipitoaxial ligament)
posterior spinocerebellar tract (dorsal spinocerebellar tract, posterior spinocerebellar fasciculus, dorsal spinocerebellar fasciculus)
medial plantar nerve
left subclavian artery
parietal peritoneum
thymus (thymus gland)
arcuate fibers (arcuate fibres)
anterior pulmonary plexus (right coronary plexus)
inferior medial palpebral artery (inferior internal artery)
common bile duct
nerve to flexor halluci brevis
coracoacromial ligament
dilatator naris posterior
lesser omentum
pelvic plexus
gut-associated lymphoid tissue (galt, mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue, malt)
pudendal nerve (internal pudic nerve)
proper digital nerve to the fourth toe (proper digital nerve to the 4th toe)
glenohumeral ligaments
joints (articulations)
crucial anastomosis
adrenal glands (suprarenal gland)
descending colon
posterior antero-medial ganglionic branches
nerve to occipitalis
radial collateral ligament
lingual tonsil
limbic system
thyroid gland
eyelid (palpibrae)
medial cord
nerve to popliteus
patella (knee cap)
plexus pampiniformis
inferior sagittal sinus (inferior longitudinal sinus)
quadratus plantae
internal os
nucleus pulposus
inferior petrosal sinus
geniculate ganglion (genicular ganglion)
posterior meniscofemoral ligament (ligament of wrisberg)
artery of the gluteus maximus
anterior tibial artery
eleventh thoracic vertebra (11th thoracic vertebra, t11)
suprahyoid branch
calcaneus (os calcis)
levatores costarum
nerves to the intrinsic muscles of the tongue
infrapatellar nerve branch
glossopharyngeal nerve (n ix, cn ix)
meningeal branch
membrane of bowman
parietal bone
left frontal lobe
cricothyroid ligament
cavernous branches
semilunar ganglion (gasserian ganglion)
bowmans capsule (glomerular capsule)
c7 (7th cervical nerve, seventh cervical nerve)
infraorbital head
mediastinal veins
collateral metacarpophalangeal ligaments
superficial buccal branches
stylohyoideus (stylohyoid)
dorsomedial nucleus
pectoralis minor
buccinator nerve (long buccal nerve)
third dorsal cuneonavicular ligament
abdominal ostium
middle phalanx
distal phalanx
adrenal medulla
peroneus longus
medial collateral interphalangeal ligament
hepatic veins
nerves to anus
coccygeal ganglia (coccygeal body, ganglion impar)
stratum vasculare
laryngeal elevators
secondary tympanic membrane
intrafusal muscle fibers (intrafusal muscle fibres)
egg nest
lateral nasal cartilage
left bundle branch
interphalangeal joints
larynx (voicebox)
bile duct
oral mucosa
lacrimal punctum
medial sural cutaneous nerve (communicating tibial nerve)
cervical plexus
ileal arteries
rectus femoris
brachiocephalic vein (innominate vein)
popliteal artery
third ventricle
vertebral column (backbone, spinal column, spine)
artery of the splenius
nucleus ambiguus
cerebral arterial circle (circle of willis)
anterior interventricular branch
nerve to platysma
suprascapular nerve
superior gluteal artery (gluteal artery)
metacarpophalangeal joints
pharynx (throat)
artery of the sartorius
galea aponeurotica
lateral posterior labial nerve branch
hard keratin
costotransverse joints
obturator nerve
tarsal gland (meibomian gland)
ciliary muscle
left colic plexus
vomer bone
cutaneous membrane (skin)
mucosal epithelium
lateral tarsal artery
osteon (haversian system)
ovarian ligament (utero-ovarian ligament)
supraoptic nucleus
nail root (germinal matrix)
macula densa
mouth (oral cavity, buccal cavity)
cremaster muscle
internal pudendal artery (internal pudic artery)
perineal nerve
dorsal nasal artery
recurrent branches
arbor vitae
middle cerebellar peduncle
proximal phalanx
common iliac vein
brachial fascia
cervical vertebrae
retroauricular lymph node
preputial gland
mental nerve
artery of the buccinator
anterior corticospinal tract (ventral corticospinal tranterior corticospinal fasciculus, ventral corticospinal fasciculus)
posterior gray horn (posterior grey horn, dorsal grey horn, dorsal gray horn)
right coronary artery
lateral patellar retinacula
cricoid cartilage
hair bulb
floating ribs
gustatory system
nerve to extensor digitorum brevis
medullary rhythmicity area
phrenic lymph nodes (diaphragmatic lymph nodes)
genital nerve branch
cervical ganglia
lateral head of median nerve
lymph node cortex (lymphatic cortex)
rubrospinal tract (rubrospinal fasciculus)
nerves to uterus
ventromedial nucleus
kinesthetic sensory system
right cerebral hemisphere
deep cardiac plexus
artery of the serratus anterior
axillary nerve
profunda cervicalis
first distal dorsal intercarpal ligament
tarsal plate
frontal vein
tibial collateral ligament (medial collateral ligament, internal lateral ligament)
urinary mucosa
medial mammillary nucleus
pterygoid branches
stylohyoid branch
clavicular branch
thymic cortex
habenular nucleus (lateral habenular nucleus, habenula)
phrenic nerve
lateral nasal branch
endometrium layer (inner layer)
articular branches
inferior root of ansa cervicalis
inferior deep cervical lymph node
nerves to bladder
adipose capsule (perirenal fat)
inferior mesenteric lymph nodes
nerve to orbicularis oculi
extensor digitorum brevis
carotid ganglion
fasciculus cuneatus (tract of burdach)
superior mesenteric artery
inferior cardiac nerve
lingual branches
inferior gemellis
external spermatic artery (cremasteric artery)
auditory cortex
superior tympanic artery
anterior talofibular ligament
dorsal cuboideonavicular ligament
nasal cartilage
lymph nodes
left gastroepiploic artery
sphenoid bone
oblique cricothyroid muscle
infrahyoid branch
nerves to right atrium
superficial cervical lymph node
deep artery of the penis
descemets membrane
septal nuclei
inferior acromioclavicular ligament
nerve to fourth metatarsophalangeal joint (nerve to 4th metatarsophalangeal joint)
nerve to levator ani
lymphatic nodule
intrinsic tongue muscles
lymph (lymphatic fluid)
nerve of rectus inferior
obturator artery
celiac lymph nodes
thymic trabeculae
costosternal joints
muscular system
splenius cervicis
rectus abdominus
ligamentum teres (round ligament)
myenteric plexus (plexus of auerbach)
right bundle branch
primary ending (annulospiral ending)
fourth plantar metatarsal artery (4th plantar metatarsal artery)
infraorbital plexus
acromioclavicular joint
nerve to nasalis
small saphenous vein
anterior medial malleolar artery
dura mater
nail bed (nail body)
nerves to vagina
olfactory system
capitate ligament (ligament of the head of the femur)
second dorsal metatarsal artery (2nd dorsal metatarsal artery)
nerve to quadratus femoris and gemellus inferior
lymphatic capillary (lymphatic capillaries, terminal lymphatic)
basilic vein
posterior auricular artery
right common carotid artery
external auditory canal (meatus)
superior pancreaticoduodenal artery
posterior inferior cerebellar artery
confluence of the sinuses
tensor veli palatini
great cerebral vein (great vein of galen)
digestive system
pharyngeal arches
spiral ganglion (ganglion of corti)
suprarenal vein (adrenal vein)
lateral posterior scrotal nerve branch
interosseous talcalcanean ligament
ventral posterior nucleus
hilus arteries
short ciliary nerves
external petrosal nerve
posterior tibiotalar ligament
hepatic artery
medial pterygoid (pterygoideus externus)
medial dorsal cutaneous nerve
superior gastric plexus
azygos vein
nerve to frontalis
visual association area
second upper molar (2nd upper molar)
superficial cardiac plexus
short fibular collateral ligament
vesical plexus
sternal head
third plantar cuneonavicular ligament
inferior parathyroid gland
axillary vein
palpebral portion
arcuate popliteal ligament
testicular artery
inferior antero-medial ganglionic branches
longitudinalis superior
tenth thoracic vertebra (10th thoracic vertebra, t10)
anterior ulnar recurrent artery
humeral head
first perforating artery
zygomaticotemporal branch
nervous system
urethral glands (littre glands)
renal plexus
superior suprarenal branches
laryngeal skeleton
anterior mediastinal artery
first distal volar intercarpal ligament (first distal palmar intercarpal ligament)
primary bronchus (extrapulmonary bronchus)
latissimus dorsi
gingivae (gums)
ulnar collateral ligament
sensory systems
right articular capsule
inguinal ligament (pouparts ligament)
external intercostals
postero-medial arteries (posteromedial arteries)
semispinalis capitis
rhomboid major
artery of the coccygeus
superficial palmar arch
lateral superior genicular artery
lacrimal gland
posterior femoral cutaneous nerve (small sciatic nerve)
middle genicular artery
superior petrosal sinus
reticular layer (reticular region)
t7 (7th thoracic nerve, seventh thoracic nerve)
left cerebellar hemisphere
knee joint (tibiofemoral joint)
l2 (2nd lumbar nerve, second lumbar nerve)
middle cerebral artery
posterior septal branches
optic tract
angular artery
s3 (3rd sacral nerve, third sacral nerve)
lactiferous duct
proximal convoluted tubule
peripheral nervous system (pns)
nerve to flexor digitorum brevis
gastric gland
posterior superior alveolar artery
palatine tonsil
common iliac lymph nodes
gastric vein
sigmoid plexus
corpus spongiosum (corpus cavernosum urethrae)
posterior atlantoaxial ligament
middle meatus
colic artery
nerve to procerus
arteries of the intercostales
compact bone (compact tissue)
iliocostalis cervicis
second lower premolar (2nd lower premolar)
extensor carpi radialis brevis
nerve to semimembranosus
flexor carpi radialis
transverse fibers (transverse fibres)
external medullary lamina
costocervical trunk
areolar gland (montgemoreys gland)
superior ligament of the malleus
nerve to zygomaticus major
iliofemoral ligament
limbic lobe (limbic cortex)
zygomaticus minor (caninus)
posterior atlantooccipital membrane (posterior atlanto-occipital membrane)
transverse sinus (lateral sinus)
right subclavian artery
thoracoacromial artery (acromialthoracic artery, thoracic axis)
nerve to buccinator
thymic medulla
transverse metatarsal ligament
scapular circumflex artery
sinoatrial node (sinuatrial node, sa node, pacemaker)
stria medullaris thalami
red pulp
suspensory ligament of the ovary (infundibulopelvic ligament)
epicranius occipitalis (occipitalis)
tensor fasciae latae
reticular activating system (ras)
posterior talofibular ligament
nerve to the second lumbricalis (nerve to the 2nd lumbricalis)
transverse ligament of the knee
renal artery
internal thoracic artery (internal mammary artery)
transverse ligament of the atlas (cruciate ligament of the atlas)
artery of the internal pterygoid
dental vein
accessory nerve (spinal accessory nerve, n xi, cn xi)
common hepatic duct
external os
radioulnar joints
ethmoidal branches
internal striate
medial head of median nerve
frontal nasal artery
inferior phrenic arteries
deep auricular artery
accessory pancreatic duct (duct of santorini)
inferior mesenteric vein
nerve to rectus femoris
maxillary artery (internal maxillary artery)
nerves to left ventricle
artery of the pectineus
stratum granulosum
intercostal nerves (thoracic nerves)
nasal septum
t2 (2nd thoracic nerve, second thoracic nerve)
mucous coat
fibrous ocular tunic
facial bones
left gastric artery
eponychium (cuticle)
abductor pollicis brevis
dorsalis pedis artery
prepatellar bursa (subcutaneous prepatellar bursa)
nerve to peronaeus tertius
tendon organ capsule
parietotemporal artery
nerve to the genioglossus
auricular branch
diaphragm (diaphragmatic muscle)
motor speech area (brocas area)
right auricle
pars intermedia
superior ulnar collateral artery
nerve to first metatarsophalangeal joint (nerve to 1st metatarsophalangeal joint)
dorsal metacarpal ligaments
third lower molar (3rd lower molar)
central white matter
large intestine
cerebral aqueduct (aqueduct of the midbrain, aqueduct of sylvius)
vermiform appendix (appendix, true ceacal apex)
long head
right occipital lobe
facial lymph nodes
lumbosacral ligament
superior cardiac nerve
accessory cephalic vein
right atrioventricular valve (right av valve, tricuspid valve)
jejunal arteries
inferior chambers (ventricles)
paraventricular nucleus
premolar dental branches
lateral uterine ligament (broad uterine ligament)
thin ascending loop of henle
long posterior ciliary arteries
dentin of the crown
pyloric vein
lymphatic vessels (lymphatics)
aortic gland (aortic body)
lumbar veins
superior parathyroid gland
appendicular skeleton
second distal volar intercarpal ligament (second distal palmar intercarpal ligament)
transverse mesocolon
interchondral joints
nerve to stylopharyngeus
lymphatic valve
artery of the flexor hallucis longus
anterior ramus
nerve to soleus
superior medial palpebral artery (superior internal artery)
ileocecal valve
deep superior gluteal artery
supraspinous ligament
abdominal muscles
intercapitular veins
incisor branch
premotor area (premotor cortex)
transverse mesocolic lymph nodes
uterine artery
minor calyces
long root of nasociliary nerve
pyloric sphincter
hypophyseal branches
wrist joint (radiocarpal joint)
perforating fibres (perforating fibers, sharpeys fibers, sharpeys fibres)
supraclavicular nerve
radial vein
suprachoroid lamina
mandibular branch
longus capitis
tracheal cartilages
superior cerebellar vein
vertebral artery
anterior cusp
sacral plexus
accessory structures of the skin
mammary gland (mamma, breast)
fibrous pericardium
posterior commissure
atrioventricular bundle (av bundle, bundle of his)
superior ophthalmic vein
left lumbar trunk
adventitia (adventitia serosa)
nerve to the adductor hallucis
transverse colon
true ribs
posterior phrenic lymph node
pectinate muscles
external jugular vein
costoxiphoid ligaments
nerves to colon
lymph node capsule (lymphatic capsule)
body of tongue (oral portion)
ascending frontal artery
pancreaticosplenic lymph nodes
anterior bony semicircular canal (superior bony semicircular canal)
thyreohyoideus (thyrohyoid)
deep palmar venous arch
typical intervertebral joints
supratrochlear lymph node
superior oblique portion
distal radioulnar joint
first common digital nerve (1st common digital nerve)
hypogastric plexus
olfactory tract
long ciliary nerves
sublingual duct (ducts of rivinus)
external iliac vein
subcutaneous infrapatellar bursa
abducens nerve (abducent nerve, n vi, cn vi)
middle superior alveolar branch (middle superior dental branch)
transverse tarsal joint (mid-tarsal joint)
talocalcaneonavicular joint
palatine tonsils
interarticular ligament
dorsal nerve of third and fourth toes (dorsal nerve of 3rd and 4th toes)
transverse metacarpal ligament
lateral pterygoid (pterygoideus internus)
medial rectus
pronator teres
renal capsule (fibrous tunic)
orbital nerve branches
sympathetic trunk ganglia (vertebral chain ganglia, paravertebral ganglia, lateral ganglia, collateral ganglia)
first plantar intercuneiform ligament
appendicular musculature
inferior lateral frontal artery
sciatic artery (inferior gluteal artery)
genioglossus muscle
third lumbar vertebra (3rd lumbar vertebra, l3)
anastomotic branch
second perforating artery
lumbar arteries
medial palpebral ligament
corniculate cartilage
external root sheath
ascending cervical artery
supraorbital nerve
digastric branch
acetabular labrum
filiform papillae
lower central incisor
lateral sural cutaneous nerve
splanchnic ganglion
crypt of leiberkuhn
pleural membrane
nerve to urethral constrictor
mastoid nerve branch
nerves to left atrium
pericardial veins
basilar membrane
esophageal branches (oesophageal branches)
saphenous branch
sphenopalatine artery
palatal muscles
cystic artery
second thoracic vertebra (2nd thoracic vertebra, t2)
nerve to short head of biceps femoris
spinal meninges
lower esophageal sphincter (lower oesophageal sphincter)
uterine wall
nasopalatine nerve
inferior vesicle artery
intercuneiform interosseus ligaments
nasolacrimal duct
lateral vestibular nucleus
ankle joint (talocrural joint)
auricular branch of vagus nerve (nerve of arnold)
second proximal dorsal intercarpal ligament
hypoglossal nucleus
interchondral ligaments
greater auricular nerve (great auricular nerve)
posterior cruciate ligament (internal crucial ligament)
artery of the medial pharyngeal constrictor
iliocostalis thoracis
nerve to pectineus
nucleus solitarius
apical odontoid ligament
anterior communicating artery
geniohyoideus (geniohyoid)
third distal volar intercarpal ligament (third distal palmar intercarpal ligament)
cuneonavicular joint
posterior digastric belly
vidian nerve (nerve of the pterygoid canal)
nerve to piriformis
levator ani
internal ear (inner ear, labyrinth)
posterior tibial vein
fifth thoracic vertebra (5th thoracic vertebra, t5)
nerve to orbicularis oris
celiac artery (celiac trunk)
palatine bone
left cerebral hemisphere
gastric branches
nutrient artery of the tibia
ovarian cortex
projection fibers (projection fibres)
posterior tibial recurrent artery
greater cavernous nerve (large cavernous plexus)
anterior auricular branches
radial recurrent artery
gluteus minimus
superior cerebral veins
median umbilical ligament (urachus)
lower cuspid (lower canine)
inferior vena cava (ivc)
iliac branch
superior nasal conchus (superior turbinate)
nerve to subclavius (subclavian nerve)
middle radioulnar union
medial tarsal arteries
corpus callosum
superior vena cava (svc)
left coronary artery
transverse cervical nerve (superficial cervical nerve, cutaneous cervical nerve)
third thoracic vertebra (3rd thoracic vertebra, t3)
lateral cuneiform
splenic artery (lienal artery)
costovertebral joints
mylohyoid muscle
lienal plexus (splenic plexus)
petrous ganglion
pelvic (hip girdle, pelvic girdle)
serratus anterior
upper subscapular nerve
nerve to third metatarsophalangeal joint (nerve to 3rd metatarsophalangeal joint)
biceps brachii (biceps)
tectospinal tract (tectospinal fasciculus)
root of tongue (pharyngeal portion)
artery of the pterygoid canal (vidian artery)
verticalis linguae
anterior semicircular canal (superior semicircular canal)
angular head
thalamic nucleus
upper arm
dorsalis pedis veins
nerve of levator palpabrae
proper digital nerve to the second toe (proper digital nerve to the 2nd toe)
longissimus cervicis
lesser alar cartilage
right lymphatic duct
transversus linguae
digasticus (digastric)
subscapular lymph node (posterior lymph node)
femoral nerve
artery of the pectoralis
central vein
middle phrenic lymph node
prostatic capsule
extensor carpi ulnaris
gastric lymph nodes
coronary ligaments
hip joint (coxal joint)
inferior palbebral branches
sigmoid mesocolon
axillary artery
stratum functionalis (stratum functionale)
submaxillary ganglion
cavernous plexus
anterior superior alveolar branches
lateral plantar vein
gastrocolic ligament
nerves to kidney
atrioventricular node (av node)
left deep cardiac plexus
external anal sphincter (anal orifice)
central artery
nerves to the external meatus
mylohyoid nerve
articular capsule (joint capsule)
hyoid (hyoid bone)
falciform ligament
spiral organ (organ of corti)
external spermatic nerve
cuspids (canines)
artery of the vastus medialis
posterior gray commissure (posterior grey commissure)
transverse perineal artery
nerve to coccygeus
efferent ductule (efferent duct)
superior labial artery
elbow joint
female endocrine system
deltopectoral lymph node
lacrimal appartatus
cuboideonavicular joint
intercostal lymph nodes
coracoclavicular ligament
deltoid branch (humeral branch)
nerve of rectus medialis
circular muscles
pectoral branch
internal iliac lymph nodes
nerve to flexor hallucis longus
greater alar cartilage
superior rectus
stylomandibular ligament
spinal nerves
type ib fiber (type ib fibre)
arch of aorta (aortic arch)
cervical branch
inferior mesenteric artery
posterior intercavernous sinus
musculoskeletal system
superamammillary nucleus
prostatic urethra
red marrow
right alar ligament
axial skeleton
anterior white column (ventral white column, anterior white fasciculus, ventral white fasciculus)
anterior obturator artery
spinalis muscles
postero-lateral arteries (posterolateral arteries)
vestibular ganglion (ganglion of scarpa)
alveolar epithelium
fibrous skeleton (heart skeleton, skeleton of the heart)
deep lingual artery (profunda linguae, ranine artery)
coronary ligament
nerves to scrotum
peroneus brevis
mandibular nerve
digital veins
lateral intermuscular septum
lumbar vertebrae
ovarian medulla (zona vasculosa of waldeyer)
cisterna chyli
proximal interphalangeal joints (pip joints)
nerves to transverse colon
bartholins glands (bartholin gland, greater vestibular gland)
lower respiratory
urinary submucosa
plantar interossei
germinal epithelium (coelomic epithelium, germinal epithelium of waldeyer)
basal ganglia (basal nuclei, cerebral nuclei)
bulbar conjunctiva (ocular conjunctiva)
corticobulbar fibers (corticobulbar fibres)
internal iliac vein (hypogastric vein)
deep cervical lymph nodes
tympanic plexus
cranial meninges
glans penis
nerve to depressor labii inferioris
subcutaneous inguinal ring
spermatic plexus
extrafusal muscle fibers (extrafusal muscle fibres)
pectoral fascia
erectile tissue
vocalis muscle
sublingual salivary gland
lacrimal artery
corona radiata
anterior cruciate ligament (external crucial ligament)
left auricle
anterior inferior cerebellar artery
eighth thoracic vertebra (8th thoracic vertebra, t8)
dental nerves
renal papillae (pappillary ducts)
annular ligament of the base of the stapes
basiphilic erythroblast
integumentary system
medial posterior labial nerve branch
inferior epigastric artery (deep epigastric artery)
inferior hemorrhoidal nerve
transversus thoracis
pectoralis major
prostatic plexus
pia mater
central nervous system (cns)
posterior cerebral artery
ninth thoracic vertebra (9th thoracic vertebra, t9)
vaginal adventitia
inferior pudendal nerve (long scrotal nerve)
second dorsal intercuneiform ligament
hassalls corpuscles
zygomatic nerve (temporomalar nerve, orbital nerve)
longitudinal muscle layer
intermediate cutaneous nerve (middle cutaneous nerve)
volar metacarpal arteries
secondary bronchi (lobar bronchi)
suprasternal branch
nerve to abductor hallucis
l1 (1st lumbar nerve, first lumbar nerve)
internal auditory artery
lateral collateral interphalangeal ligament
bronchial arteries
pulmonary lobule
maxilla (maxillary bone)
middle cardiac vein
nervous spinosus
laryngopharyngeal branches
artery of the digastric
palmar interossei
posterior scalene
t6 (6th thoracic nerve, sixth thoracic nerve)
parietal branch
nerve to extensor hallucis propius
filum terminale internum
nerve to adductor magnus
cuneocuboid joint
peroneal vein
brachial artery
labial gland
abductor halllucis
nerves to sigmoid colon
lateral cutaneous branches
tympanic antrum
greater splanchnic nerve
inferior muscular branch
posterior caecal artery (posterior cecal artery)
inferior sternopericardiac liagment
external elastic membrane
synovial membrane
medial pectoral nerve
primordial follicle
trabeculae carnae
globus pallidus
pulmonary semilunar valve
vasomotor centre (vasomotor center, vasoconstrictor centre, vasoconstrictor center)
left bronchomediastinal trunk
lateral plantar nerve
right gastric artery
central canal
visual cortex (visual area)
superior epigastric artery
lateral bony semicircular canal
anterior atlantoaxial ligament
first upper molar (1st upper molar)
dorsal scapular nerve
anterior ligament of the malleus
renal pelvis
occipital sinus
mental branch
posterior hypothalamic nucleus
capsular ligament
bronchial cartilage rings
external carotid artery
renal veins
nerve to the sternohyoideus
inferior vestibular nucleus
middle cardiac nerve (great cardiac nerve)
types of teeth
adductor pollicis
princeps pollicus artery
inner epithelium
zona reticularis
medullary arteries
sigmoid colon
papillary layer (papillary region)
type ii fiber (type ii fibre)
outer longitudinal muscles
common deep digital veins
inferior constrictor
tibiocalcanean ligament
ulnar head
transversus abdominis
middle constrictor
suspensory ligament of the penis
fatty tissue
s2 (2nd sacral nerve, second sacral nerve)
nerve of obliquus inferior
bronchial ligaments
visceral nerve to the bladder and rectum
subdeltoid bursa
zonular fibers (zonular fibres)
vertebral vein
trapezoid ligament
inferior oblique portion
brachiocephalic trunk (innomiate artery)
lateral semicircular canal
nail plate
preauricular lymph node
sciatic nerve (great sciatic nerve)
anterior mediastinal lymph nodes
c8 (8th cervical nerve, eigth cervical nerve)
transverse part
secondary papillae
left occipital lobe
anterior bronchial branches (anterior pulmonary branches, ventral pulmonary branches)
biceps femoris
recurrent nerve
descending hypoglossal nerve
reticular nucleus
dorsal nerve of second and third toes (dorsal nerve of 2nd and 3rd toes)
lower lateral incisor
renal medulla
nerve to adrenal medulla
nerve to the bulb
right intestinal trunk
internal obturator
hair root plexus
posterior talocalcanean ligament
ovarian artery
left pulmonary vein
artery of the soleus
serratus posterior
tubuloalveolar mucous gland
semimembranosus bursa
portal area (hepatic triad)
meningeal branch of vagus nerve
atretic follicle
first plantar cuneonavicular ligament
submandibular lymph node
intermetacarpal joints
thick descending loop of henle
vestibular system
cortical arteries
nucleus dorsalis (clarkes nucleus)
coxal bone (os coxae, hip bone, innomiate bone)
posterior ligament of the incus
left subclavian trunk
uvea (vascular ocular tunic)
short posterior ciliary arteries
inferior ulnar collateral artery
flexor digiti minimi brevis
cerebral ventricles
medial head
nerve to plantaris
venous wall
inferior gluteal nerve
corpora quadrigemina
radial glia cell
anterior white commissure
radial head
ileocolic artery
nasalis (compressor naris)
vestibular membrane (membrane of reisnner)
third perforating artery
cochlear nuclei
ligamenta flava
reticular formation
medullar pyramid
exocrine glands
deep plantar artery
first plantar metatarsal artery (1st plantar metatarsal artery)
thyroid cartilage (adams apple)
lumbar plexus (lumbosacral plexus)
lymphatic tissue
lateral calcaneal artery (external calcaneal artery)
posterior cusp
femoral vein
pulp cavity
proper volar digital arteries (collateral digital arteries)
nerves to ascending colon
auditory association area (wernickes area)
trabeculae carneae
ileal artery
cranial bones
dentin of the root
buccal fat pad
superior deep cervical lymph node
mumps virus (mumps)
deep metacarpal veins
synovial membranes
superficial temporal branches
ventricular fold (false vocal cord)
oblique popliteal ligament (posterior ligament)
nerve to the stapedius
subclavian vein
primary motor area (primary motor cortex)
l5 (5th lumbar nerve, fifth lumbar nerve)
medial terminal branch
semicircular canals (bony semicircular canals)
amygdala (amygdaloid body)
gastrointestinal tract (gi tract, alimentary canal, gut)
interthalamic adhesion (massa intermedia)
posterior fontanelle
frontal eye field area
splenic parenchyma
tunica vaginalis
musculo-articular branch
germinal center (germinal centre)
cords of willis (chordae willisii)
auriculotemporal nerve
iliocostalis muscles
primary auditory area
sternothyreoideus (sternothyroid)
long root of ciliary ganglion
white pulp
eye (eyes)
inferior lateral sacral artery
inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery
sebaceous gland
splenic nodule (malpighian corpuscle)
dorsal artery of the penis
nerve to tibialis anterior
right atrium
ciliary body
renal cortex
third cervical vertebra (3rd cervical vertebra, c3)
internal medullary lamina
anterior reticulospinal tract (ventral recticulospinal tract, medial reticulospinal tract, anterior reticulospinal fasciculus, ventral recticulospinal fasciculus, medial reticulospinal fasciculus)
intercostal arteries
respiratory mucosa
common peroneal nerve
flexor digitorum longus
internal iliac artery (hypogastric artery)
posterior deep temporal nerve
temporal nerve branches
transverse facial artery
inferior ophthalmic vein
lateral ligament of the malleus
anterior hypothalamic nucleus
circular stratum
accessory olivary nuclei
second lumbar vertebra (2nd lumbar vertebra, l2)
semispinalis cervicis
middle scalene
suprarenal artery (adrenal artery, middle suprarenal artery)
middle meningeal artery
brunners glands
ophthalmic artery
nerve to vastus lateralis
pisohamate ligament
internal intercostals
vestibular nuclear complex
intercuneiform joints
superficial peroneal nerve
cricotracheal ligament
second lower molar (2nd lower molar)
posterior scrotal branches
levator scapulae
ulnar nerve
mastoidian fontanelle
tendon fascicles
dorsal calcaneocuboid ligament
pericardial branches
longitudinalis inferior
esophageal plexus (oesophageal plexus)
papillary muscles
superior gemellis
dorsal lingual artery
lateral thoracic artery (long thoracic artery, external mammary artery)
c5 (5th cervical nerve, fifth cervical nerve)
vascular tunica externa
medullary cord
vocal fold (true vocal cord, plica vocalis)
levator veli palatini
metatarsophalangeal joints
substantia nigra
hair matrix
nerves to the interossei
nerve to zygomaticus minor
zona orbicularis
cricothyroid branch
nerve to the styloglossus
cartilage matrix
stratum lucidum
cuneiform cartilage
extensor pollicis brevis
posterior superior alveolar branches (posterior superior dental branches)
splenic vein
pancreatic arteries
occipital branch
abdominal aorta
middle vesicle artery
posterior superior nasal branches
labia minora
cranial nerve branch
red nucleus
accessory meningeal branch
superior cerebellar artery
pronator quadratus
salivary glands
inferior tympanic artery
levator labii superioris (quadratus labii superioris)
antero-lateral arteries (anterolateral arteries)
pancreatic duct (duct of wirsung)
anterior longitudinal ligament
ovarian vein
pituitary gland (hypophysis, master gland)
lacrimal sac
palatopharyngeal arch (posterior pillar)
fifth cervical vertebra (5th cervical vertebra, c5)
renal fascia
artery of the tibialis posterior
iliolumbar joint
urinary bladder (bladder)
anterior ethmoidal artery
first proximal volar intercarpal ligament (first proximal palmar intercarpal ligament)
single unit
paraganglia (chromaffin bodies, pheochrome bodies)
submandibular ganglion
subacromial bursa
levatores costarum longus
periventricular nucleus
nerve to depressor anguili oris
superior fasciculi
incisive branch
first upper premolar (1st upper premolar)
major calyces
gluteus medius
left umbilical ligament
splenius muscles
anterior palatine nerve
thick ascending loop of henle
posterior communicating artery
frontal branch
vaginal plexus
facial nerve branch
nasal cavity
right temporal lobe
periodontal ligament
dilatator naris anterior
nerve to sartorius
lateral cord
subtalar joint (talocalcanean joint, calcaneo-astragaloid joint)
cardiac plexus
flocculonodular lobe
thoracic ganglia
artery of the brachialis
left ventricle
t11 (11th thoracic nerve, eleventh thoracic nerve)
muscle fibre (skeletal muscle fibre, muscle fiber, skeletal muscle fiber, skeletal muscle cell)
lamellated corpuscle (pacinian corpuscle)
small cavernous nerves
stapes (stirrup)
dorsal interossei
soft palate
fibular artery
dental nerve
mesenteric lymph nodes
anterior antero-medial ganglionic branches
olfactory bulb
nerve to bulbocavernosus
mammary papilla (nipple)
filum terminale
celiac branches
bony labyrinth
cardiovascular centers (cardiovascular centres)
pontine arteries
short gastric arteries
lactiferous tubule (tubuli lactiferi)
intercarpal interosseus ligaments
intertransverse ligaments
olfactory glands (bowmans glands)
sternal lymph nodes (parasternal lymph nodes)
circular muscle layer
superior profunda artery (arteria profunda brachii)
lowest splanchnic nerve (lumbar splanchnic nerves, lumbar ganglion)
plantar calcaneonavicular ligament (spring ligament)
superior thyroid artery
serous pericardium
cranial nerves
broad ligament
superior mesenteric ganglion
medial intertransversarii
superficial palmar venous arch
nerve to dilatator naris anterior
vaginal mucosa
internal coat (mucous layer)
visceral peritoneum
midbrain (mesencephalon)
optic nerve (n ii, cn ii)
maxillary vein
pterygopalatine ganglion
extensor digiti minimi
nerve to descending colon
atlas-axis joint (atlantoaxial joint, atlantoepistrophical joint)
aorticorenal ganglion
radial nerve
calcaneofibular ligament
fourth cervical vertebra (4th cervical vertebra, c4)
ascending pharyngeal artery
ribs (costa)
proper digital nerve to the great toe (proper digital nerve to the first toe, proper digital nerve to the 1st toe)
flexor pollicis brevis
depressor septi
artery of the levator ani
left lateral atlantooccipital ligament (left lateral atlanto-occipital ligament)
posterior deep temporal branch
styloglossus muscle
arteri comitans nervi ishcidici
nerve to transverse superficial perinei
pharyngeal tonsil (adenoids)
bronchopulmonary lymph node
calcaneocuboid joint
interlobar veins
plantar metatarsal ligaments
fungiform papillae
glenoid labrum
ascending aorta
tendon organ (golgi tendon organ)
meningeal layer
pulmonary lymph nodes
axial musculature
endosteal layer
glandular branches
interosseus metacarpal ligaments
external urethral sphincter (sphincter urethrae)
lateral geniculate body
interosseous talocalcanean ligament
oblique cord
supratrochlear nerve
sympathetic root
lumbar branch
meningeal branches (dural branches)
cutaneous branches
palatine branch